Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hey blog readers. This is just another one of my blogs that I've started out. I had another one (, but that one was more an experimental blog and I also knew that the blog was going to fail, since my topic was a lot too broad and there were way better sites like IGN and Gamespot. Anyway, this blog is about emulators. Maybe somethings about roms and upcoming games. I know that you could probably go to the actual emulators site, look at their FAQ, or download multiple emulators to see if they work or other time consuming acts, but it's probably easier to just come here, read the entry on what you're looking for, ask any questions you have about the actual emulator and get an answer from me or some other web Samaritan.
Also, if you want me to go straight to a specific type of emulator for a console that I actually use, then please comment, somewhere or on the bottom of the page with the comment widget since I'm going in a random order in how I post these different types of emulators.

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