Monday, May 3, 2010

Golden Sun

Golden Sun is a game by Camelot Software Planning (I Think) and is an RPG. That's pretty much all the History…


The Game Play is pretty nice. It has the FF I fighting style . Random encounters. The controls are extremely simple. Takes a bit sometimes to solve the puzzles, but they're not so hard that you just stop playing all together just because you can't one of the puzzles.


The main characters are Isaac (your character), Garet, Ivan and Mia. They are all the usual of the children who can save the world. They are the characters you will be using for battle, while not having all the party members joining you.


This is going to be a pretty bad game review, because to be honest, I can't remember the plot. The main characters are trying to stop a group of people from activating all the towers or they will unleash something bad into the world. As you go through your journey, Djinn will help you. They are trying to use the elemental stars to activate these towers. As you progress through the game, you will unveil the story (obviously) and in the end, you will find out if you foil their evil plans.


NPC's…. They mainly say the same thing like most other games. It's pretty much the same. They move, say the same thing all the time for one part of the story. Nothing too special about these NPC's


Inventory may be a little different than other RPG's. Each character is allowed to hold a certain amount of items and if that number is reached, then the next person has to hold the item until everyone's number is reached, then you can't even hold the item. Weapons also count as items so they take up space as well.


Magic in Golden Sun is Psynergy. It's pretty much the same as magic, although it is learnt by Djinn. The type of Psynergy you have a t your arsenal (Don't laugh) depends on your class, and your class changes depending on what type of Djinn you have equipped. There are many combinations so you should try to find the one that fits you the most, or just look at a FAQ or something like that to see which is the best. Your choice. Magic is also used out of battle to solve puzzles. Obviously 'Heal' spells can be used outside.


Like I said, the Combat system is pretty much like Final Fantasy I style. When you enter the battle each of your characters choose to attack or use magic against the enemies and the you execute. The person or monster with the highest speed goes first and so on. Nothing too complicated.


The graphics for this are amazing compared to the other games I've played. It has the #D aspect and the scenery makes it feel like everything is real. The battle scenes also harness this 3D feature making the enemies look real.


Animations are also very good. Battle animations are good instead of the move up, slash at the air, and it damages the enemy. It attacks the enemy with a weapon if you chose it, it shows the actual magic that has been casted and things like that. Also, movement is pretty fluid. Nothing that looks too out of place.


Music. Well the battle music is always the same. The music depends on the area you're in and it all fits pretty well. It adds into the atmosphere into the game making it more realistic.


The main choices you can make for yourself in Golden Sun are Yes and No, while each one not really having an effect on the actual storyline, just how the conversation goes.


Humour is not too great, while it may be added here and there, but if you're expecting a comedic game, well you haven't found it.


Sound effects are definitely added, each outdoor Psynergy having its mostly unique sound FX. If you fall down or make something fall, you'll hear an FX. Mostly with all things that are supposed to be a sound, there is a sound. There are none for walking or crashing into a wall though.


The game does a get harder as you progress as most games. Enemies get stronger, puzzles get harder as you have more psynergysies to use. Nothing that would be too hard though if you train and you are pretty smart. Either that or you just get a walkthrough.


Overall, Golden Sun is an addicting game, with the storyline, fighting system, the puzzles and all the things that make Golden Sun a wonderful game. This is a very fun game that will probably keep you entertained for weeks or days, depending on how much you like RPG's.


If you find something and false facts in this review (definitely in the plot) feel free to comment and I'll try to fix it as soon as I see the comment.



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